Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Phone Phun: That last bit of digi-drawrin' was fun. Let's do some more. (I'd played around with the digi-drawring before, but it's caught my fancy again of late, not as a substitute for the pen and ink, just a curious side foray.) Here's a doodle I did on my phone yesterday while eating lunch outside in our beautiful late November weather. (Another guy with a bunch of hair. Is this a trend? The last guy was pretty hairy too. All those little squiggles are pretty fun to draw. Maybe that's why.) The phone doodling is definitely different: a strange feel. Right now, I'm pretty clumsy at it, so the drawings come out kind of child-like, but that's okay, refreshing even. And one can't deny the convenience of always having a mini-sketchpad in one's pocket. (Plus, when one whips out an actual sketchpad in a public place, people get weird and self-conscious and nosy. But when I'm futzing on the phone, I just look like one more modern American obsessively checking Facebook.)

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  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Fine drawing! Expressive, economical lines. I like the style even better than your old style. Freer.