Monday, November 01, 2010

Like Riding a Bike

I would like to announce that we are officially no longer terrible parents. Specifically, our children now know how to ride bicycles. All by their own selves. Without the trainy-wheelies. For some inexplicable reason, we'd failed to instill this knowledge in a timely manner and were increasingly shamed by ever-growing daughters' inability to partake in this universal American pastime. (Well, in our defense, our neighborhood is a far cry from a bucolic suburban cul-de-sac and provides comparatively few carefree training spaces). We'd had a number of sweaty load-the-bikes-and-the-kids-in-the-car,-take-them-to-the-park,-and-chase-them-around-like-a-fool training sessions, but these typically ended with exhausted parents and frustrated children and were sort of miserable, and we wound up not doing them that often. They didn't make any steady progress until recently, when we basically cut ourselves out of the loop and set them loose in the parking lot across the way (on nights and weekends, when the security guard wasn't around to chase them off), paying just enough attention to make sure they didn't severely injure themselves or do anything really stupid. And it worked like a charm. Within days, they were pushing off, gunning along, braking, starting again, zigging and zagging like little pros, their helmet-encased bubble-heads bobbing in proud concentration all the while. And this weekend, we actually had our inaugural ride-from-point-A-to-point-B-(and-back), with some advanced lessons on how to navigate around (or if necessary, through) our city's horrendous potholes.

Teach kids to ride bikes: ✓

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