Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mornin' Musin' (Ponderous Ponderable) Round #2: Turkey Day Edition

It seems to me that cranberries have really great PR: an obscure New England swamp-berry, so sour that it needs to be extensively sugared up and possibly turned into some sort of jiggly gelatin-thing (I like cranberries; I'm just sayin'...), it somehow hooks its wagon to the rising star of Turkey Day and becomes a core cultural foodstuff, central to a major American holiday, widely cultivated and guaranteed at least one annual appearance on the majority of the nation's tables. And then it get's the word out that it's good for you, that it'll keep your business all squeaky clean and fresh, and so now the spandex and trail-shoes set goes around guzzling its pucker-inducing juices by the virtuous gallon-full.

Are Darwinistic forces at work? By natural genetic variation, are some foodstuffs better equipped to garner a successful public relations campaign? Will organisms that can successfully navigate the new media-scape endure while others, less adept at branding, wither and die? Hmm...

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  1. pookie8:09 PM

    Wow--these are all too profound thoughts for the day after one spent much too much time consuming too many fat molecules that are now attached to one's brain cells, running around in one's blood and just basically making one a lazy slug!!