Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mornin' musings (a.k.a. Ponderous Ponderables): Side Sleepin'

How about a new series of morning musings, sort of a regular early a.m. version of our "What's Up With That?" series. And let's see if we can make it a (pseudo-)daily endeavor, just a little something to mull over and talk-amongst-ourselves about as we soak the coffee into our thick groggy skulls. Our inaugural musing:
When sleeping, why do we have the potent compulsion to sleep on one particular side.* And then later we just have to switch to the other? And then later on, back again. What's up with that?
I assume it's some sort of biological imperative to make sure our musculo-skeleture (or whatever it's called) doesn't get too wonky and lopsided. But it can get kind of complicated, particularly when one is sharing a bed with a partner/spouse. Then the two folks have to either have to sync up their directions or scoot to remote corners of the bed to prevent knees and elbows from awkwardly interfering. (And this must be a major reason why polygamy never really seems to works that well, the exponentially increasing complexity of sorting out everyone's sleep-orientation.)

* I assume this is a widespread phenomenon, though
it obviously doesn't apply to those symmetrical front or back sleepers. (I really don't know how people sleep on their backs. Seems freakish to me. I know it's good and healthy and symmetrical and all that, but I just can't do it.)


  1. Front sleeping is only symmetrical if you do it the way I do: face down.

  2. Do you wear a snorkel?

  3. An do you feel compelled, during the night, to switch the snorkel from one side to the other?

  4. Marco8:53 PM

    I have patented dual snorkel that allows breathing from both sides. It comes with a complimentary nose, mustache and glass frames. Just sayin'.

  5. Marco8:57 PM

    How rude of me. I forgot to mention that I am a left sider for the most part. I was a stomach guy for much of my life and then the tide turned, so to speak.