Monday, November 15, 2010


I've previously discussed New Orleans' hyper-efficient trash-picking culture. I've also discussed our local use of shopping carts for hauling anything and everything. A recent event that conveniently illustrates both points:

I'd hauled a large number of bulky domestic items to the curb:* Within hours the choice bits had been whisked away. After a day, the formerly large pile had dramatically shrunk. After two days, everything was gone—everything except a big unwieldy tree stump.** Yeah, this isn't firewood country. Nobody around here wants a stump. Even the garbage collectors ignored it. What the hell was I going to do with the thing?

I was, er, stumped. But lo! Along came two neighborhood dudes with, of course, a shopping cart. They hoisted the great wooden beast in and started on their way. I had to ask.

"Great. What are y'all going to do with that thing?"

"Grow mushrooms." He elaborated, explaining about the drilling and the plugs, and...

"What kind of mushrooms?"***


And there you go. Though are neighborhood is almost exactly not what one would picture when contemplating small-scale organic farming, it's true: Mr. Transports-Stuff-in-Shopping-Carts is growing Shiitake mushrooms**** just over the way. Ain't life grand?

* Boring story: other side of our double, lame tenants, left a bunch of crap behind when they moved out, blah, blah.

** Boring story: lame tenants, found a stump, thought it would make a cool end table, never got around to making it anything other than a stump, left it sitting on the porch forever, blah, blah.

*** In some more hippified climes, I'd have avoided this question, but hallucinogenic fungi aren't a particularly hot commodity around here.

**** You must follow that link and watch that video. And then watch all the Catherine Tate shows. And then we can talk about it! (I'm obsessed with it and have been quoting it ad nauseum at Sarah, and I think she's going to kick me out of the house if I don't find another outlet for my fixation.)