Friday, November 12, 2010

Suggestion Box

I've got a hankering to kick off a photo series. That's well and good. Only trouble is, a series of photos of what? My brain is kind of rolling-tumbleweedy today, and I'm coming up with a whole lotta nada. Suggestions?*

* Preferably of things I actually can take a series of photos of, not, y'know, n-dimensional wraiths or whatever.


  1. Marco2:58 PM

    Doorways, courtyard gardens, buskers

  2. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Hats, roofs, clocks

  3. See, I'm loving it. Instantly a bunch of ideas that all sound way better than anything I was coming up with. Now my the challenge is to choose. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll have to have a series of series.

  4. Marco7:02 PM

    yes, series of series ad infinitum are more liberating

    shoes, faces, pants, dresses, short skirts, tatooes, cocktails, wine bottles, food trucks, ferns

  5. pookie8:34 PM

    Purple or lavender houses.