Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wait, I owe y'all a photo series. I had options if I recall. Oh, yes: roofs. (Rooves? Roofs.) Here's a roof. (Our roof, to be precise. Well, it's a view looking up at our roof. Does that qualify as a photo of a roof? Because if you actually have to see the roof's surface, that's going to be lot harder. I don't have a helicopter. Let's be broadminded.) Admittedly, one photo of a roof doesn't make a series, but it's a start, and perhaps there will be more. (Is two a series? What's the minimum? Three?) And then all will be well and good. And then I can do another series. And another. And then series-o'-series, here we come!


  1. francine1:04 PM

    technically an eave (not eaf) the edge of the roof projecting beyond the wall of a building

  2. Ah, yes, an eave. That's one of those words you almost never here in its singular form. (And let's just say that series is of roofs and their associated bits, pieces, and accoutrements: eaves, shingles, chimneys, etc.

  3. Anonymous8:39 PM

    There's a lovely Chines roof on Napoleon Ave. between St. Charles and Freret. Take a look. Also one on Orleans and N. Carrollton.

    I like rooves that fit on buildings like a hat. But lots of rooves are just to small. And lots of them have stingy eaves. Cramped.

  4. The one on Napoleon is just a few blocks from us. Quite remarkable. Our house has its own subtle little faux-Asian details, as was popular in the Arts and Crafts days, nothing as dramatic, but pleasing to me: gridded windows that are supposed to evoke Japanese screens, subtly tapering door frames that resemble Chinese/Japanese gate-frames. (Forgive me: I lack the terminology.) And yes, I'm quite fond of a good roof, sort of the hat of the house.