Monday, December 06, 2010

Mornin' Musins':* Hold Your...?

If a horse is rushing and needs to slow down, what do other horses tell it to hold? If a monkey has a drug addiction, what does it have on its back? If a frog is phlegmy, what does it have in its throat? If a monkey wants to indicate the absurdity of something, whose uncle does it claim to be? If a dog is in trouble with its spouse, what house is it in? If a fox gets tricked, it's been out-whatted?


* Okay, it's now technically afternoon, but I thought about it this morning (and it's still morning somewhere).


  1. Marco7:50 AM

    Foods for thoughts.

  2. There is nothing paradoxical about frogs with littler frogs in their throats, or foxes getting tricked by foxier foxes, or monkeys with monkeys on back.

    But it wouldn't be absurd (but likely true) for a monkey to be a monkey's uncle, and if the dog lives in the doghouse he can't be sent there.

    These difficulties can be solved by (1) in the first case, claiming to be the uncle of a member of another species, preferably one the monkey finds absurd and (2) being sent to the house of an animal yet lowlier than a dog, preferably that the dog keeps as a pet.