Monday, December 13, 2010

Mornin' Musins': Oreos of...

Sarah bought some "winter" Oreos as a snack treat. What makes them winter Oreos? Well, the packaging has a snowman on it and is designed to give a Christmas-y vibe. (The snowman either is Frosty of holiday TV special fame, or he's a very close rip-off.) As for the cookies themselves, the creme-filling is colored in what is apparently intended to be seasonally appropriate colors.
Question: What would you consider to be seasonally appropriate colors?

Most common anwer: Red and green.*
Here's the trouble. There are no green-filled oreos in the package. There are only red-filled oreos. And red in the absence of green doesn't feel particularly Christmas-y or wintry at all. Red alone, I'd argue, is a very un-wintry color. And it get's worse, because the red isn't exactly alone. It's red creme sandwiched between two black-brown cookie wafers. And the combination of saturated red and near-black, to my eye, takes on an almost diabolical aspect, like maybe something little Danny would find in the refrigerator at the Overlook Hotel: Oreos of blood!

They are, however, still perfectly tasty.

* Yes, yes. There are multi-cultural complexities, but I don't think Nabisco is fretting about those.

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