Monday, January 03, 2011

Are geese auspicious? Let's pretend they are. Happy auspicious geese-filled New Year! (Sorry, my brain is still too addled by the gluttonous blur of holiday festivities to come up with any properly sensible well-wishing.)


  1. Apparently, it is the birds behavior that indicates if conditions will be favorable for you, but Merriam-Webster says nothing about what is good or wrong patterns of behavior. These geese seems very curious though, which must be good! Let`s hope so! A lovely photo it is.

  2. Thank you. (Though I wasn't quite sure if they were curious or hostile. I guess the year will tell.)

  3. Ahh, Christmas goose. I dined on it Christmas Eve. It's no turkey. Everything's in the wrong place when you try to carve it.

    A happy and auspicious new year to you, sir!

  4. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Funny, Whalehead :-)

    And Happy Holidays to everyone.