Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Phone Phauna Phun: Alphabet Animals

Let's mix up the Phone Phun a bit, start a new little digital drawing game. Are you ready for this?
I will draw an animal for every letter of the alphabet.
To which perhaps you respond, "Uh, that's been done. Like by totally like a million kids' books..." To which I respond, yes, but I have special rules which make mine novel and exciting. For example:
1. All the animals will be drawn on my phone.
And um, yeah, that's it. I guess that's just "special rule", singular. Oh, wait! I've got another one:
2. Some of the animals will have funny hats and/or ties and/or facial hair.
So there you have it: two rules that guarantee this will be a novel and exciting series of alphabet animals. First up, "A is for alligator"!

A is for alligator

Aww, look at that happy alligator, all swaddled in pink. (Note: This particular animal does not have a funny hat or tie or facial hair. I didn't say they all would.) Stay tuned. Twenty-five more to go!*

* What will the animal be for X? I can barely stand the suspense! (Because really, I have no idea.)


  1. Nice Alligator in pink ! For "x", perhaps a flying squirrel ? ;)

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Love the alligator!
    May I suggest an X-Ray Fish?