Thursday, January 13, 2011

P.M. Pensées: "I'm Just Saying"

June has taken to using the phrase "I'm just saying." I'm just saying that "I'm just saying" is rarely really just saying. It's almost always anything but just saying. It's almost always really saying something that's particularly loaded—with an agenda or an awkward implication or a subtle barb. (June usually has an agenda: stirring up trouble.*) And "I'm just saying" functions as a little deflector to distract from or diffuse the laden content: Hey, don't look at me. These are just words that happen to be coming out of my mouth. People who really are just saying don't generally bother announcing the fact. I'm just saying.

* I've probably mentioned it before, but in her younger years (younger-than-now-younger), her nickname was "Stir-pot", an allusion to her fondness for "stirring the pot". Even as a toddler. (Man, kids really do come out the way they are from the get go.)


  1. I am just saying June is an adorable little girl!

  2. Sarah Kaufman4:29 PM

    My grandmother taught me a few useful phrases in Yiddish, one of which is "cuchen leffel." Cuchen leffel means a "cook's ladle," and is used to describe someone who is a trouble-maker, as in: "June is one cute little cuchen leffel!"