Friday, February 04, 2011

Phone Phauna Phun: Q is for quail. (Yes, I know, two birds in a row. But the birds are so fun!) Do you think preppy quail wear brightly colored pants with little people on them?


  1. I think this one is my favorite so far. Well, that's actually hard to say. I also really love the orangutan. He reminds me of a creature out of a Rousseau painting - the fauna especially.

    Are you familiar with Maira Kalman's illustrations? She illustrated the 'Elements of Style' and did some great oped series on the NY Times. I'm a huge fan.

    I personally think you should paint this entire series once you've finished!

  2. Dave - These are all so beautiful! You should definitely publish them in some non-virtual form when you are finished.

  3. Thank you, Ms. K. I definitely intend to work up some sort of tangible form of them.

  4. And Ms. Dunn, also thanks. I was rather pleased with the quail. (And glad you picked up on the Rousseau angle. I specifically had him in mind with the orangutan.)

    I love Maira Kalman's work. She did a book called "What Pete Ate" which is an A-to-Z of things her dog ate, and it was probably somewhere in the back of my mind when I kicked this series off.