Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grayton Beach

Okay, catching up. We skipped town for a few days and headed over to Grayton Beach state park in Florida, a quiet interlude between the revelry of Mardi Gras the busy-beeness of the back-to-school/new-job/etc. I took a bucket-load of photos. Here's a bunch:

Sunset, the first evening

Cocktail (and foot), the first evening

Running on the beach

More running on the beach

More running on the beach

Happy Sarah

Digging (in) the sand

The weird little outlet-river of the weird little dune-lake (a very specific water formation only found in South Africa and Walton County, Florida)

Waves and sand

We rented bikes. It was awesome.

Tire tracks.

Sand angel

Fiddle heads


Louise, in this weird little sand oak grotto we found


Footprints and waves

Exploring (in hilarious bicycle helmets)

More exploring

We found a pond

We found a hole in a tree

Pines and sky

Beach towels!

Pine cones!

I don't really remember what the hell this is, but it looks cool.

Goodbye, beach


  1. Just wonderful! Nice work, fun captions!

  2. Thanks! It was fun stuff to be captioned. (That sentence is confusing - I'm undercaffeinated. Basically, the beach was fun. Captioning it was fun. Um, something like that. I'm going to drink more coffee now.)

  3. pookie11:14 AM

    I felt like I was there. Thanks!