Sunday, April 03, 2011


Well, it's no longer complete radio silence around here, but it's not exactly verbose either.* Perhaps a game to jump start things. The game:
Each day (for however long), I (phone-)draw a character/caricature and provide an impromptu name and backstory. (We've done this sort of thing before. We're just going to do it extra-regular-like for a lil' bit and see what happens.) If you so choose, you give your own impromptu name and backstory in the comments.
It'll be beatiful, just friggin' beautiful. Stay tuned.

* As mentioned, I started a new job three weeks ago, and my brain has been a non-stop geek explosion since (WMS, WPS, OGC, Postrgres, OpenLayers, Ubuntu, sudo, man, chmod, grep, get, post, REST, SOA, vim, KML, GML, NetCDF, raster, vector, layer...), and it's ridiculously fun but also tiring. (Did you know I'm a geek? I pretend to be a rocker-boy/artsy-whatnot, but really, I'm a geek.) And so when I'm not doing that, my brain goes, daaaaaaahhhhhhh..., and I drool, and not much blogging happens. But life is about balance. We'll rectify this inequity.

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