Monday, April 11, 2011

L is for Lovebird, the Movie

Remember our Phone Phauna? It sure was phun. Let's revisit for a moment. Turns out, with the right digital doo-dads, you can turn any Brushes painting into a movie. Like this!

L is for Lovebird from David Olivier on Vimeo.

You'll quickly figure out it's not real-time. Brushes remembers all the strokes you did to create a painting, all the colors and brush textures and whatnot, and the movie version just plays those back in quick succession, minus the pauses and undos, making what was actually a slow and tentative experiment look like a quick and deft dash-off. But hey, isn't that the point of technology, to make us seem better and more nifty than we actually are?


  1. love that...

    will knowing that there is a possible movie at the end change the way you work?

  2. Marco7:15 AM


  3. Thank you. And yes, Cameron, I'll start encoding mysterious Kaballic messages in the brush strokes that will only be revealed to those who intently study the movies. No trace will remain in the final painting.