Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Whoah, it's cold. I mean like fifty-seven degrees! I'm swaddled in a warm robe and stocking cap. (On my regionally adjusted temperature spectrum, any temperature that starts with something lower than a six is "chilly".) Don't get me wrong: it' lovely. It's refreshing. But it's also freaky. Such things aren't supposed to happen. We'd readied ourselves weeks ago for the onset of summer, sure that temperatures like these were gone until October. So this is just plain confusing. Unnerving. Like I'd almost take the sweltering heat just so I knew what's what.* Hmm.

* Unnaturally mild temperatures plus all the birds mysteriously leaving the island in Audubon Park plus the big looming mass of water? This whole imminent-rapture business is starting to seem kind of plausible (in which case, I guess things will be heating up soon enough).

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