Thursday, May 19, 2011


So, the phone-drawing has been tons of phun. But it did have the downside of being wearying on the eyes, all that staring intently at that little screen (a sort of modern day miniature painting?). But I'm very excited to say that I've just upscaled. Literally. As in gone larger in scale. Which is a roundabout way of saying that I've just gotten my greedy fingers on my very own new shiny iPad. (Infinitely obliged to the kindly patrons/family members who helped make it so.) Woot! A brave new world. And below is the very first doodle that tumbled out of my noodle onto its pristine shiny digitized surface:

Why was my first instinct to draw what appears to be a middle-aged organic farmer (or a pensive lumberjack)? I can't exactly say.* But I'm excited to see what this new techno-dealio can do, so let's get a-draw-a-ma-tatin'! Expect oodles of doodles in the near future. Ciao, belli.

* Well actually, yes I can. I just started off drawing some random guy, but his jaw-line was sort of weird looking, so I used the "hair" brush to give him a big ol' bushy beard, thus disguising the flaw. And then once he had a big ol' bushy beard, a red flannel shirt just seemed like the logical next step. And so here we are.


  1. Nestor Cambrick, organic melon farmer from Modesto CA who specializes in Hand melons

  2. Pookie2:34 PM

    A character in a children's book. Mr Mug is his name perhaps.