Friday, May 20, 2011

The Early Bird (Cont'd)

Who knows about birds? Because really, what is the deal with all the hootin' and tweetin' and whip-poor-will-in' and cawin' and all that first thing in the a.m.? What's the functional purpose? Why do they all do it? I'm looking at this little sparrow-ish guy/gal sitting on the willow in front of me (it lives in the nest under our eaves), and when I actually watch what it's doing, it looks sort of cray-zee (like if a person was doing it, they would get tackled and hauled away in a white sleeveless jacket), just sitting up there jerking its head around holler-chirping at the top of its teenie little lungs. What does it aim to accomplish? Is somebody going to bring it breakfast? Is it looking for love? (Are the trees of early morning like some sort of giant ornithological singles bar?) Is this just some sort of primal existential "I am here!"? What's up with that?

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