Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Early Bird Gets... the Other Bird

I'm telling you, the early morning bird drama around here1, 2 just keeps on coming. Certainly, we see birds of prey in the city from time to time but usually from a great distance as they swoop up high or perch in some distant tree. But this morning, as I stepped out on my balcony, I saw whopping big reddish-brown hawk (or somesuch—I'm not up to speed on the particular regional varieties) perched on the neighbor's fence, a mere thirty feet away, looking utterly incongruous in this urban neighborhood. As it stood there, darting its head around lightining fast but otherwise motionless, I wondered what the heck it was doing here. My question was answered a moment later when it suddenly swooped down and snatched up a mockingbird—tell-tale flash of white wing—that had the misfortune to land nearby. Damn! As it flew away with its victim, a second distraught mockingbird chased it. Damn!

1 comment:

  1. pookie8:51 PM

    Ohhhh, how distressing! Nature is not always pretty.