Sunday, May 22, 2011

On the Cat(s) Walk

There's a hilarious pet situation going on around here. I've told you before about Delilah's eccentric going-along-for-walks-with-the-dog behavior. Well, things just got even eccentric-er(-er-er). Now Pearl has joined the fray, marching along with us.* She recently graduated to the indoor-outdoor cat club (having formerly, as a wee lass, remained solely within the sheltering walls of home). And taking her cue from Delilah, she's apparently decided that this is Standard Feline Operating Procedure (SFOP). Now walking Penny is less like walking a dog and more like shepherding an odd interspecial flock. To update our previous rendition:

Good times. Maybe I can start a circus.

* And she's extra all up in everything, being first everywhere, rubbing up against Penny, rubbing up against everything, chirping her hilarious little chirp-meow. (Used to be, she rarely meowed—occasionally, while padding around the house in middle of the night—but since she started going outside, she's become very vocal.)

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