Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Circular Logic

This city cannot handle traffic circles. It's not in our driving DNA. I spent a spell in England in my youth, and those folks live and breathe traffic circles. But us? No. One of the city's few circles is right out front of where I work, and I sometimes see bewildered drivers come to a panicky standstill in the middle of it. Oh, crap! What's happening here? Where are the right angles?* Not to say that we're bound to Cartesian rigor. As a city bent around a twisting river, large swathes of our street-scape devolve into non-Euclidean funhouse nuttiness. But this futuristic whirligig carousel, somehow built in the name of efficiency? Not for us.

Now neutral grounds (you call them medians), that we know how to handle. (Always check for oncoming streetcars before turning left.)

* To make matters worse, the thing has two lanes. We're stuck in Remedial Traffic Circles For Wayward Colonials 101, and they're expecting us to manage that merge-to-the-inside-while-circumnavigating,-then-back-to-the-outside-before-exiting trick. What happens instead is a whole lot of Oh-beep!-That-confused-dude-is-going-to-fall-prey-to-centrifugal-befuddlement-and-hit-me!

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  1. Always look out for street cars before turning left is a lesson your mother learned the hard way.!!