Sunday, June 19, 2011

Getting There

You know why I'm happy it's Father's Day? Because it means we're one year closer to the age when my children can brew me coffee and make me martinis. Not yet. Our coffee making method involves gas burners and boiling tea kettles and nuanced pouring, skills our lovely but spastically gangly brood are not ready for. Things are closer on the martini side. They can certainly pour wine. And I'm sure, with guidance, they'd do just fine with a whiskey and soda with lemon. (Yeah, I'm sure they would. Let's get on that.) But to make a proper martini requires requires a measure of soul that no single-digit-aged larval human can possibly muster. But even in the absence of child-made coffee and martinis, they are rather cute and charming. And we're getting there. Happy Father's Day.

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