Monday, June 27, 2011

Kitty Burrito

Pearl's been needing medicatin' recently (nothing to worry about; just a semi-routine kitty-lady malady, and so twice a day I roll her into a snug towel burrito (with a furry feline filling) and shove a dropper-full of noxious liquid down her gullet. The sight is:
  1. Pathetic. She mews sadly from the depths of her terrycloth tortilla.
  2. Hilarious! (I'm sorry, but you know it is.)
  3. Endearing. I've never met an animal who is so ungrudging. I do this to her twice a day—catch her, and wrap her, and dose her—yet she shows no hint of resentment. Just, "Here we go again." Let us all aspire to be the Pearl.*
* I say "aspire". For now, whoever captures and force-medicates me will become the target of a serious grudge.


  1. Coerced snuggle-tilla.

  2. I`m so sorry for Pearl, such a beautiful cat. Now, after 3 days it is ok?

  3. Ann Thomas4:21 PM

    Such a good kitty-daddy. Lucky pearl.