Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mr. David

Allow me to present to you one of my New Favoritest Things:

It is a drawing of yours truly (with certain fanciful augmentations) drawn by Russell, one of the boys at the afterschool program where I tutor on Wednesdays. (It was given to me along with an equally awesome card from the whole gang at this past weekend's end-of-year field trip.) A few notes:
  • Neck up, it's a strikingly accurate resemblance.
  • Neck up, it's strikingly reminiscent of my own self-portrait icon up there in the corner of this screen.
  • Neck down is the fancifully augmented part. Russell is partial to drawing superhero-esque figures and graced me with some muscular lagniappe. (I'm not actually this radically ripped.) I'll have to pin this on the wall for inspiration during my morning exercises.
Love it. So sweet.


  1. Pookie9:41 PM

    How cool!

  2. Indeed. Looking more carefully, I realize Russell must have been looking at my own drawing. (The Neighborhood Center and I are Facebook buds. That must have been the source.) Even the individual hairs match up.

  3. Granny Annnie3:35 PM

    Looks just like my son-in-law Happy Father's Day! I think it's great that your students think you're stronger than you do!