Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stuff I See from My Balcony:1 Nature's Q-Tip

A couple of Hispanic guys were walking by.2 One of them stooped over to grab something. I was curious. I watched. It was a piece of grass.3 He stood up, started cleaning his ear with it, and they went on their way.

Wow, that's a cultural thing, right? (And the culture is country. What country I don't know, but some kind of country.) I can't imagine anyone I know using a piece of grass to clean their ear, but the way he did it it was like that's why there's grass—for the ear cleaning.

Ain't life grand?

1 It's time I formally acknowledge this as a series. I see all kinds of curious things from up here, my little window on the world. It's like TV, only much slower-paced but with super-high-definition and less commercials (plus lizards and the occasional hawk).

2 We have one of the few tri-racial neighborhoods in the city. Black and white are still the majority, but number of Hispanics has grown since the storm, mostly men, day laborers in cheap densely packed rentals.

3 With the recent epic rains, our yards all look like hay fields.

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  1. pookie9:42 PM

    I am used to seeing people clean their teeth with grass but not the ears. Strange!!