Thursday, July 07, 2011

To Paint a Mockingbird

Apparently I can only muster my serious "painterly" style of iDrawrin' for animals in silly get-ups:1

Mean mockingbird mama (in a prim pink hat)

We actually have a mean (though hat-less) mockingbird mama living in the jasmine in front of our house. I often see her perched on our fence, youngster-dinner in beak, looking a whole lot like this (again, except for the hat). Really, I think she actually scowls. And she and her hubby hate our cats. They dive bomb them and send them scurrying under our parked cars. This isn't entirely unfair. To cats, mockingbirds look like dinner with wings and a bad attitude.

1 I particlarly like painting the birds. Maybe I'll do some more.


  1. Wow Dave! That's really impressive!

  2. Pookie9:25 PM

    You should do more. They are great.

  3. One of my all time fav's so far!