Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Doodle of the Day: Backstory? He's got a definite 50s thing going on.


  1. Hey, that looks like Billy Strickland! Billy hails from Memphis. He plays guitar in a Psychobilly-AltCountry-Cow Punk band that throws in an occasional yodeling set. They mainly play in the Southeast. He has a fascination with 50's movies, especially sci-fi. Billy has been in love with a lot of women, but doesn't crave domestic security. He is a lone soul, but his soul's on fire. Billy's parents both died while he was young, but he was raised right well by his Uncle Donny and his Aunt Sofie. Billy has a quest instinct that he satisfies by going to play his guitar alone for days on end in places like the Mohave desert or the Brasilian rain forest. He resides in Egypt TN with 2 Appaloosa horses and several blue tick coon hounds.

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Shall I eat a peach?

  3. Anonymous9:28 PM

    That's Arnold. He has just been released from prison after many years in solitary confinement for a murder he did not commit. But the world is really different--weird!! People walk around all the time talking into things. Other people just talk and have these queer things sticking out of their ears. What's up with that? Are they talking to aliens? They drive around talking on the same things. Maybe they are talking to people on the moon or Mars. I'll have to try one and see what happens!!