Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Stand and Deliver 1

I have a confession. I now use a standing "desk" at work. Why is "desk" in quotes?2 Because my standing "desk" is a trashcan flipped over on top of a conventional sitting desk (without quotes):

Perhaps it looks provisional and ad hoc, but I've used this "desk" for months now and find it suits my needs perfectly. (My employers offered to buy me a for-real-real standing desk (without quotes), but I declined.) Miscellaneous notes about my get-up and its environs:
  • I'm a copy-cat. My coworker was the first to go all weirdo-standy-style, and I merely followed the trail he blazed.
  • Yes, that's a flying chicken in the top right. (Muses chicken, extensible badge clip, index cards, thumb tacks.) When faced with particularly troublesome geek-problems, I find myself, as a ruminative distraction, constructing weirdo ornaments for the room. Not long ago, the room was comparatively bare and utilitarian. I predict by the end of the year it will be a complete freak show. (There are other oddities outside the frame.)
  • Wall ornaments:
    • My thank-you-Mr.-David muscle-man gift illo, to inspire me during those aformentioned challenging geek-problems.
    • My lovebird illo, for something purty to look at when my eyes tire of the bits and bytes.
    • The map of Hurricane Katrina levee failures, clipped out of the Times-Picayune, which resided on our fridge for a couple years and was a reference point for countless conversations. It reminds me of the importance of a good map (as I make maps for others).
    • A vi/vim cheat sheet. I won't go into that here (though I could, at great length). Too nerdy.
  • Trashcan/desk ornament: A Post-It that says "Ceci n'est pas une desk."3 (I told you there was an unedifiying backstory.)
  • I like having a whiteboard within easy doodle-reach. (The bus-doodle is an oblique techy-pun I won't bore you with.)
And there's a bunch of other stuff I could babble on about, including the lunch box that says "Lunch time!" in puffy glitter paint and the nerf gun and the "HAM AND EGGS / DAYS WORK FOR THE CHICKEN / LIFETIME COMMITMENT FOR THE PIG" koozie shoved into the up-ended shipping tube (impromptu nerf-bullet blowgun) and so on and so forth, but it's getting late, and I'm getting sleepy, and I've probably already said too much about too little, so I'll say goodnight. Bonsoir.

1 Sorry, best pseudo-pun I could come up with at the moment. (Why is it that puns are broadly reviled yet nearly mandatory for certain types of article/post/etc. titles, even in upscale publications that wouldn't otherwise touch punny business with a ten-foot pole?)

2 Why is this a confession? Because standing desks are weird and eccentric, and I've already got oodles of weird eccentricities, and some part of me feels like I should be making an effort to tone those down. But some other part of me (the part that's winning) feels like, What the hell? What's the point of getting old if you can't get progressively weirder. Let the young worry about such things.

3 Though then I crossed out "desk" and wrote "trashcan", then crossed that out and wrote "desk" again. (I couldn't decide which way the Dada-ist joke was supposed slice in this context. (Thus far, nobody has found it particularly funny regardless of which way it's been sliced.))


  1. Your set-up reminded me of this article:

    Half the time I have the option to stand while I work and I'm grateful for that. Being seated all day is the pits.

  2. Mary T6:51 AM

    you, Sir, I love.

  3. And you aussi, Ms. Mary.

    Cameron, I like that article, gibes with why I find myself doing it: It suits my temperament. There have been other articles preaching it's health benefits and so on, but they can get a preachy more-virtuous-than-thou tone. I just like how it feels, always found myself getting fidgety and loagie (is that a real word? I use it in my head often (and know exactly what I mean)) when I sat all day.

  4. In the above comment, I used variants of "preach" twice in the same sentence, an oversight that bugs me. But it's late now, and I'm too lazy to fix it.