Monday, August 01, 2011

Washington State

It's been altogether too quiet around here for a spell. (You’ll forgive me, I trust. Many plates to spin, and the bloggy-plate is sometimes necessarily neglected.) I never did post any photos from Washington State, so let's fix that. A representative smattering:

First day, crossing the Puget Sound

When I find myself in those touristy situations where everyone's taking photos, I get sort of contrarian-ish, and while my inner shutterbug can't actually not take pictures, I wind up taking pictures not of the stuff other people are taking pictures of, but instead I take pictures of the people taking pictures of the stuff they're taking pictures of—or the people taking pictures of each other.

June, the Seattle Public Library. (My inner architecture nerd required a look-see.)

Louise, Juan de Fuca Strait, sunset

Under the piers: gobs of barnacle-thingies and nutty reflections.


Jason! Yep, Jason. He and his fam headed off to the Northwest and landed just twenty-five minutes down the road from Sarah's dad. And we got to see him. Jason!

Snow! We headed up into the Olympic Mountains, Hurricane Ridge, and there was snow. Snow! In July! The girls, as you can see, freaked out. (These are children who aren't accustomed to seeing snow hardly at all ever, much less in mid-summer.)

Overlook, coming down from Hurricane Ridge.

Poppies. There were crazy lovely flowers all over Port Townsend.

"No Fireworks"

There were these abandoned bunkers on the hills overlooking the Strait, from back in the days when big land based guns were the primary means of defending the nation against naval attack. Now they're all abandoned and otherworldly.

Fireworks (the official approved ones)


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    Wonderful pictures. Thanks for posting

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    Taking pictures of tourists taking pictures? There's a whole blog dedicated to it. Try