Sunday, September 04, 2011

Man in green, with white and red tie. Story?


  1. Dobie McCracklin runs The WordUp Bar that is frequented by literary types. Poets and prose writers come to write, edit, discuss and drink. No food at this bar. One night a month is devoted to poetry, another night to prose. Dobie tends bar occasionally. He is known for his cocktails named after poets, prose writers and selected pieces of poetry or fiction. Ingredients to these mixed drinks change depending on Dobie's own intake. For example, "The Pit and the Pendulum" can consist of rye one night and rhum another. "The Leopard" of Campari one night and Fernet Branca another. "The Bukowski" may have anything or everything in it on any given night. "The Duino Elegies" is anyone's guess, but is a crowd favorite. Drinks are cheap but the talk ain't.

  2. Add: one night a month is devoted to poetry readings...

  3. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Bill McDarlen owns a fish and bait shop in kenner, but never goes outdoors.