Saturday, September 10, 2011

Man under tree, looking at moon. Story?

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  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    This is Mr. Pfister. He has lost his dog. His dog is a French Poodle, so he named it Raoul. But Raoul is a very young dog, and it doesn't have a lot of experience yet. It decided to go exploring, and apparrently it got lost.

    Mr. Pfister has looked and looked all day, but no Raoul. It is now night time, and he is still looking for Raoul. The moon is full, so he can still see pretty well. "Ra-oooooooooul!" he calls out. "Ra-oooooooooooulll!" No answer. But he continues shouting "Ra-oooooooooull!"

    He meets a man who tell him, "You're crazy, just baying at the moon", but Mr. Pfisterknows better, and he continues to shout "Ra-ooooooooul!"

    Suddently he hears a faint sound in the distant woods. "Arrrr-rooo! Arrrrr-ooooooo! Arrrr-rooooooooo!!!! "Oh!!" says Mr. Pfister, "It's Raoul somewhere over to the right in the woods!!" So he runs towards h is beloved dog shouting, "Ra-ooooooooool Ra-oooooooool"

    Raoul comes skipping and jumping out of the woods and jumps at Mr. Pfister, almost knocking him over, but Mr. Pfister is so happy he doesn't fuss a bit,

    So they go home together, and each has a dish of strawberry ice cream to celebrate. Raoul never runs away again, although he is tempted to.