Monday, October 24, 2011

And yet more wildflowers. (What makes a flower a "wildflower"? These ones were in fact growing wild, though I recognize them as that well known cultivated whatchyamacallit variety.) I suppose all these flower pics aren't appropriately gender-themed, but sorry, I just think flowers are cool.


  1. Em's eldest sister (again)8:45 PM

    morning glory's are definitely cool. they go to seed and come up every which way the next year - that makes them wild (and wonderful) in my book! beauty of a pic!!!

  2. We used to see them wild all over the farm but sadly not as much now. GORGEOUS PICTURE!

  3. Anonymous4:00 AM

    What do you mean "not appropriately gender-themed"? Men love beauty too, and that especially includes flowers.

    Next time a male friend is very sick, send him some flowers. You'll be surprised maybe at their reception :-) Men LOVE to get flowers.

  4. And yes, of course I was being a bit cheeky about the "gender-theming". Dude's for flowers! Boo-yeah!