Sunday, October 23, 2011

iDrawrin': Man in hat and overalls


  1. Em's eldest sister6:07 PM

    if he's a farmer, he needs a piece of straw in his mouth to chew on. anywho, just wanted to make sure you knew people were still checkin' your blog...

  2. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Mario. He misses Palermo.

  3. I had posted a comment that vanished into the ether. I believe this might be Mario Struzzichino who was born in Trapani Sicily. Mario pines for the Sicilian sun. He misses the air and the haze on the sea. The wine, the cardoons, couscous, lemons, limes, blood oranges, seafood, gelato, pasticcerias, light and the unique sense of place that the siren isola is. Luckily, he has memories and he can go anytime he desires.