Thursday, November 17, 2011


Whoah! Dang, it happened again. Where the hell did this blog go? Who's responsible for this debacle? Oh, wait. That's me. My bad.

But I can justify myself. (Okay, lemme see... lemme see... yeah, that'll work.) Um, yeah, okay, this bloggy-machine isn't a high-falutin' publishing enterprise with uppity editors and underpaid writer drones. It is rather the organic outgrowth of the life of one particular individual (me), and that one particular individual (again, me), sometimes gets slurped into various other loops and detours and convolutions and enterprises of the aforementioned life, and this bloggy-machine gets sad and lonely and quiet. And then more dedicated and vocal readers fuss at me, and so I promise to get my bloggy-act set right, and then there's usually a few more loops and convolutions and detours, but I always make it back here sooner or later, and the bloggy-machine thrums back to life, and the organic outgrowth growths out again, and all is right and good in Slimbo-land.

Which is to say, you'll start seeing stuff here again. Bye, bye, Slimbo-Nada. Hello, Slimbolala.


  1. Pookie9:10 PM

    Wow, I think you said you've been really busy. We're glad to have you back, though, Slim.

  2. Well yes, busy. Also distractible.