Saturday, December 17, 2011

11:29 p.m.

Crap, it's 11:29 and I haven't filled today's "text post" quota. Got to get cracking. Um... Hey, what about this weird doodle-guy:

He's a picture, but a picture's worth a thousand words (as they say). So this post is actually hyper-textual (and hyper-linkable). That counts, right? (I say it does, so it does, since I made up the rules, and I can therefore abuse them as I see fit.)

On a separate note, there seems to be a trend toward guys with the heads colored outside of the lines? Really, what's up with that?1
1 I love observational humor. You can do it with anything: Trash cans. Trash. Cans. What's up with that?

1 comment:

  1. pookie9:51 PM

    I think he stuck his head in an electric socket!!