Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Fair Bit

"A fair bit", I use that phrase a fair bit. Is that a country thing or a regular thing? I don't talk too country too often (though occasionally I do talk a bit  of Southern1), but I did grow up in the country, and perhaps sometimes little rural-isms slip in. And right now I'm thinking too hard about "a fair bit", and just like anytime one thinks too hard about a word or phrase (or the spelling thereof), it starts to sound (or look) weird—the background part of the brain that normally handles such nuances gets trumped by the foreground part that comes blundering in and says "Let me think very deliberately about this," but that foreground part doesn't really know much about such things, and it gets confused and makes a mess of it. So, "a fair bit"—country or reg'lar?

1 Hmm, country vs. Southern. Not the same, though they might overlap. And when I say "country", which country? I think I mean Virginia-country. Help! Is there a geolinguist in the house?


  1. reglar. What about "good bit", which I say?

  2. Now I'm thinking too hard about all of it, but I'd say "a good bit" is more vernacular-ish than "a fair bit", not sure about it's being country per se, but some sort of vernacular-ish.

  3. Fair bit is country. What's "pretty good" ? And how did we start putting pretty in front of a word that has nothing to do with it being pretty or not.