Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I Pledge...

Yep. Nope. Still too quiet around here. Let's kick-start things. You know what works for me? Structured repetitive tasks. (Remember our Phone Phauna? A through Z. Picture a day. Structured. Repetitive. Phun.) So let's get repetitive-structurey with it again. (Same yet different.) I pledge to post
  • 1 photo post and
  • 1 text post*
every day for a month. (Note: I don't pledge they'll be good. They might be crap. But they'll be daily. For thirty-ish days.) That should get things moving around here.

p.s. This counts as today's text post. Tricky, huh?

* If you're of a literal-minded persuasion, you might procalaim, "But your photos are near-always accompanied by a textual caption!" for which I have a literal-minded response: A "photo post" is a photo accompanied only by a caption, no big title across the top, no full-size body text. A text post is the other kind, a post with the big titles, full-size body text, and without a photo. And of course there might be "combo posts", with all of these elements: full-size title, body text, and one or more photos, which would count as two-birds-one-stone and would fulfill the days quota in one fell swoop. (Whew! Glad we beat those over-nuanced distinctions into oblivion.)

1 comment:

  1. Pookie9:04 PM

    I think the gist of that was you plan to post something daily which is pleasing. The rest was too much for my feeble brain.