Sunday, December 18, 2011

Silly Crap Around My Office: The "DOH!" Hat

A new series, Silly Crap Around My Office:

What's an essential component of an effective office environment? Lot's of silly crap everywhere. (So say I.) My current office thrives in this regard. Let's take a tour of the silly crap. First up, the "DOH!" hat:

Yours truly in the "DOH!" hat (and Stephen in the background, at his standing desk, which is actually one desk stacked on another desk, plus a complex arrangement of inverted trash cans and Community Coffee cups). For the record, this was just a test run. I hadn't actually done anything "DOH!"-worthy.

I made this the other day from the frames of a pair of 3-D glasses and the other side of the Pendaflex that I had cut to make the "DOOFUS" hat. (We'll get to that later.) It's a Quality Control (QC) tool: Anybody who does anything really stupid, really "DOH!"-worthy, has to wear this rig. (Ooh! I should write a book: "The Managers Guide to Medieval Shaming Techniques".)

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