Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Silly Crap Around My Office: Progresso the Chicken of Progress

May I introduce you to Progresso the Chicken of Progress:

Progresso started life as a Muses throw, (a damn fine catch, if I may say). I brought it1 to work. (The last thing I need is more Mardi Gras crap at home.) One day, stuck on a particularly gnarly technical problem, I rigged the chicken up to the extensible badge holder I'd been given at orientation, added wings made from index cards, and hung it from the ceiling. At some later date, we started charting our daily progress by raising the chicken higher as tasks were completed. It was dubbed The Chicken of Progress, and later, Progresso the Chicken of Progress. Soar, Progresso, soar!

1 Him? Her? Hmm, we have a gender issue. "Progresso" is a male name, yes? (Progresso, not Progressa,) but chickens are by definition female ('cause they ain't roosters). Hmm.

1 comment:

  1. Slimbo, did you really grow up in the country? Hens(female) are chickens. Roosters(male) are chickens.