Monday, December 12, 2011

Things I Wish For: Coffee Yoga

Continuing with our yoga theme:

So there's been a proliferation of different types of yoga now available to the yoga consumer, right? Hot yoga, speedy yoga, yoga-lates. (Am I making those up? They may have other actual names, but I think those are all real-ish.) I'd like to advocate for a new offering: coffee yoga, morning yoga classes with a full coffee service. Seriously, I can't imagine much of anything better than going to a Saturday morning class and, between poses, stepping over to the side to pour myself a steaming hot mug a good hot black coffee. Sipping on it during the seated poses. Slugging it down once it reaches Perfect Gulping Temperature. Mmm, namaste-licious.


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  2. So very true. Thank you for thoughtful observations, Mr./Ms. Spambot.