Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, In Photos

Rainbow over Lake Pontchartrain, seen from my desk (which now overlooks the lake since we mutinied and took over the sweet office across the hall). It was a weird time of day for a rainbow, midday. (Most of ours happen late in the day, as the the horizontal sunlight slices through the remnants of afternoon thunderstorms.) The sun was high overhead, and only a shallow arc of the rainbow showed over the horizon (as opposed to the fuller half-circle one sees towards sundown).

My bike, and irises

Our Angel Trumpet is in full bloom

As is our rose bush

And our Dwarf Bottlebrush

Gold car and associated reflections

Christmas decorations

Late afternoon, wires and houses

Recent fire (undoubtedly the most Gothic picture I took all day)

Lone streetlamp and evening sky

Louise, having a "Grey Gardens" moment

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