Sunday, January 08, 2012

Been Being Done

Oh, hey! Remember that pledge? The pledge-month has been being done.1 Since, like, yesterday. And my promise (with its attendant modification) has been fulfilled. Woot!

But, y'know, I'm liking this new busy-bee Slimbo-mode. I think I'll try to keep it up (to the extent reasonably possible): a text and an image photo each day (mostly), for the foreseeable future.2 Woot!

1 "Been being", that's one of my favorite vernacularisms. I hear it around here a lot and have found myself using it more than once; a special tense, distinct from the mere past tense—sort of in-the-past-but-ongoing. Something like that. There's probably a Latin tense with a fancy name that it roughly corresponds to. I'll just call it the Been-Being Tense. Try it. You'll like it.

2 Not that any of the future is really foreseeable.


  1. In English, I'd call it the present perfect past progressive passive. Or P^5.