Thursday, January 12, 2012

Behold the Hypno-Monkey! Stare into his eyes. You are getting sleepy... very, very sleepy. You will do what the Hypno-Monkey says. Now, bring bananas... many, many bananas... (Please don't ask for an explanation. I have no idea. He started as an innocent little spiral doodle, and before I knew it I was staring into the eyes of this weird critter, the entrancing... immersive... eyes...)

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  1. Sammy led a pretty normal monkey life traveling with the circus for years. His act was pretty mundane. He would jump through hoops and ride a small bike on the tightrope without a net. Things like that. After 15 years on the road he began to tire of the act and the way he was treated by the circus owner. So while in Eureka, Humboldt County California, he jumped ship one night. As he foraged for food and sought shelter, he discovered these plants with multicolored buds on them. So he began tasting a few. Then he began tasting more. The more he tasted the more toasted he became. Sammy now lives with a human family in Eureka. He is very happy for they provide him not only with bananas but lots of other things. One night they gave Sammy a ukulele. He picked up a few chords quite quickly. Sometimes the neighbors come to hear Sammy play. All the neighbors seem to be very happy too. Always smiling and mellow.