Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Misdemeanor Country

Growing up, I listened to a lot of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings and those sorts of folks, and I like that music a lot. Sometimes, when pondering fantastic alternate lifestyles (as we all do — the particulars vary, but we all have our imaginings), I picture myself as an outlaw country musician. It's a pleasantly distracting fantasy. But then I think: all that drinking, and drugging, and bawling, and brawling, and marrying, and divorcing, and fisticuffs, and such — that all sounds like an awful lot of effort. Makes it hard to go to work next day. What if I just want to be a little bit outlaw country? What if I just want to be misdemeanor country? Can I be that?


  1. "Johnny Cash transcends all musical boundaries and is one of the original outlaws ." -- Willie Nelson