Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pigeon-In-Progress, Part Deux

So yesterday, I got Mr. Pigeon loosely filled out, roughly the right colors in roughly the right places. Let's see where we're at today:

My, my, Mr. Pigeon, look at all those details you have. This part of the process is really about harnessing the power of obsessive perfectionism for good rather than evil — stroke-by-stroke, painting the teeny-tiny lines that start to give that "realistic" sense of feathery texture, the roughness of the beak, the little details around the eyes. Oh, yeah. And I also changed the background, gave things a lively sky-ish hue. (One of the novelties of the digi-painting is that with the prudent use of "layers", one can paint behind other objects. I often find myself completely redoing a picture's background several times before I'm through.)

I'd say Mr. Pigeon himself is looking reasonably done-ish. There are always little tweaks towards the end, but he's about as pigeon-y as he's going to get. Tomorrow? The outfit (whatever it may be — I'm still thinking hobo). Stay tuned. Woot!


  1. Chinese year of the Pigeon. Most handsome fellow. Thanks, Johnnny

    1. I really like pigeons. they regularly come and eat at my bird feeder.