Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Normally, what winds up on this blog is an end-product of one sort or another. Not to say it's always polished — there's plenty of half-baked crap — but it's generally as done as its going to get. Let's mix things up and post a little work-in-progress series. A pigeon-in-progress, as it were:

I've had a hankering to do an Alphabet Animal-esque portrait again, and we've been on a bird-kick recently, so some sort of feathered critter seemed appropriate. And I like pigeons. They have that rat-with-wings P.R. problem, but I find them generally amusing — little waddly busy-bodies — and often quite pretty, with their iridescent grays and purples and greens. Of course, this particular pigeon will wind up in some sort of funny outfit. I'm thinking something hobo-ish (in keeping with pigeons' downscale image), maybe a crumply hobo cap and jacket and stubby old stogie. Or some such. First the pigeon. We'll settle on the get-up later.

With that basic idea in mind, I first found a good reference photo (ah, the magic of Google Images), grabbed the iPad, sketched out a rough line drawing, and then started loosely painting in the colors. This is where I wound up tonight.

I'll keep this lil' guy (gal? guy, I think) going, embellishing and accessorizing. And I'll post future stages, until we arrive at whatever is deemed "done". Stay tuned.


  1. Looks good to me. I think everything is a work in progress. Thanks, Johnnny

  2. Nice! I think pigeons are rather good-looking.