Friday, January 13, 2012

Slimbo Scissorhands

I had an Edward Scissorhands moment over the weekend. I realized I like subtractive gardening, the kind that's about removing excess, cutting back, trimming, shaping — the kind of gardening that's like cutting hair. I cut my own hair, and this past Saturday, as I trimmed the wild-and-woolly oleander back into a shapely orb, pruned the bushy Angel Trumpet into an elegant little tree, upside-down-weedwacked the willow into a crisp bob,1 I thought to myself, Ah! This is something I get. Good thing I live down here, where we've got plenty of vegetative excess, plenty of opportunities for subtractive gardening. The patient watering, nurturing, and coaxing of frail seedlings into delicate maturity just ain't for me. (My kids seem to use up all my watering, nurturing, and coaxing.) Now I just need some blades-for-fingers and a groovy leather jumpsuit (and a Cure-esque 'do), and I'll be all set.

1 As I said, this is a nutty time of year around here weather-wise. We haven't had a freeze yet, and it's possible we won't get one at all this winter, in which case, last year's growth will just keep on growing (unless artfully hacked back).

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  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Another person with a very bad hair day!!