Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Well, He Is Ricky Riccardo"

The girls, June in particular, are currently obsessed with "I Love Lucy".1 They were watching an episode. Ricky was sofly strumming guitar and singing a lovely song in Spanish. I said, "Wow, he's good." June said, kindly, "Not as good as you." I said, "Thank you, sweetie, but I think he's better." She said, "Well he is Ricky Riccardo. He's a professional. But you're really good too." Aww, thank you, darlin'. Almost as good as Ricky Riccardo. My, my! (This is seriously very high praise from June right now.)

1 As I've said, June is a natural Vaudevillian, and Lucy's comedic stylings are right up her alley.

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