Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yep, Doughnuts

I had a really weird dream last night, but I can only remember half of it. I remember that it was basically an alternate version of some major actual movie, but instead of the various parts being played by whichever actors actually played them, all the parts were played by doughnuts. Yep, doughnuts. I can't remember which movie it was. (Which is driving me crazy. I thought to myself in the night, "This is so weird, I have to remember it," but as it turns out, it was so weird, I can't remember it.) But I do remember that the main character, a female part, was played by one of those chocolate doughnuts (the through-and-through chocolate kind, not the chocolate-iced kind) with the bumpy surface texture and the light dusting of powdered sugar. (A "crumb doughnut", June informs me.) And the bumpy crumb surface corresponded to the elaborate hair-do of the actual actress playing the actual part. The movie didn't really play out in the dream. It was more just a conceptual dream: that-movie-(whichever-movie-that-movie-was)-with-doughnuts-instead-of-actors. Go figure. Maybe I'll dream the sequel tonight.


  1. Slimbo.I think you need some coffee to go with your doughnuts